Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy New Year!

We hope you all had a nice and peacefull Christmas.

No, we don't give up blogging. Advent season should be a time of reflectiveness but it is more and more a time of unconsciousness. So much to do, to buy, to visit, to go. So no one has time to write the blog for us. OK for us it is a funny time. Our service stuff place a tree for us in the living room with lots of things to play with under it.


Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Wordless Wednesday!

Vase of flowers or drinking bowl?

Monday, September 29, 2008

Back to Blog - to avoid another wordless week

They are back and we needed another 3 weeks to get them back on the blog with writing!
They are all alive and more or less relaxed. Three weeks of sun and 30°C (=86°F).
No, not here in Germany, in Toscana/Italy. We had to stay here in Germany. Our sense of responsibility does not allow us to travel around the world.
  • Who should take care of the house and look after all?

  • Who should catch mice and take them into the house?

  • Who should lie around and have a nap?

  • Who should take care for the carpet with his claws?

  • Who should leave hair everywhere?
...these are all very important tasks. A house would not be house without this!
Are there any news? Yes there are, but they are not that good.
Our good friend Romeo from Toscana is missed since last autum. Because autum is hunting time we are afraid that he was killed. We lost a nice and gentle friend! You can see a picture of him in the Toscana blog.
Another friend is gone during our blogging break. Winnie, a white Shetland pony, which lived near our home, is gone over the rainbow bridge. We will remember Winnie for ever.


Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Wordless Wednesday!

UEFA EURO 2008 - Findus the football (soccer) fan

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Wordless Wednesday!

Smilla's uncle and mother in perfect harmony!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Time to say Good Bye...

...for the next three weeks.

Our service stuff is burned out and needs a little bit regeneration. So we will send them to a motivation camp to Italy.
In the lovely Toscana they will be coached by our dear friends


...coolest man cat ever and master of dog irritation!! He can totally ignore dogs. A thing they can not handle.

Lovley Romeo... esthete

Pippi, an old nice lady dog
...and finally Rambo. Young, friendly and a good buddy of Dad

We hope they are relaxed and in balance when they come back...

...and Dad will not be send to prison like these two photographers

...and the rest of the family will not be eaten by a monster like this

In the meantime we will be served by three nice ladies which live upstairs.
Unfortunately they only will give us food and hugs but they will do no office work for us like blogging.

Have a nice time!

Findus & Smilla

p.s. ... there where seven cats (six tigers and one Smilla) on the first picture in the last blog.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

An award and other pleasent events

this is speeding up! We got an award as a welcome gift from Mrs. OZ from THE CAT REALM.

Thank you very much for this! We are beginners and we'll do our very best to be worth this award. But we have a problem with our service stuff. Our Dad ist not a great writer, he likes more taking photos and our Mom doesn't like computers that much, because they never do what she wants them to do. She thinks she is hexed, because when Dad does exactly the same, it functions well.

So, what happend here in the last days?
Last week our Mom and Dad build a new room for us. We are sure, that all things, they do, they do for us. For example they cry out with enthusiasm when we use the handwoven carpet in the living room to sharpen our claws. Why use a scratching post, when they gave us such a nice gift to us to do scratching?
Back to the new room. As you can see it is obvious that this is our room.
By the way, how much cats can you see on the first photo (You'll get the answer in the next post)?

Because we are very tolerant, we allow one of the younger service stuff members to use the room and to warm up the bed for us.

Another Thing! We did this "needs meme" with google like Mrs. OZ. Very funny!
"Findus needs" gets only one hit but a realy true statement:
"Findus needs well-educated and trained employees"

"Smilla needs" gets more hits, but very funny too:
Smilla needs to be in control of the situation to feel good. Otherwise she gets impossible."
"Global Warming is causing the icecaps to melt so Smilla needs your help to rebuild them!"
Findus didn't like this one:
"And that
smilla needs to find somebody other than (him) to waste (her) time with for a quickie?"


Findus & Smilla